Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Monday, April 04, 2011

close out sale on Dog Leg Preacher "Sturgis" merchandise!!!

All of the remaining stock of last years Feel the Thunder tour 2010 merchandise is on sale now. Go to the Dog Leg Preacher web store, and load up on these great deals. Like the 2010 Feel the Thunder Sturgis t-shirts for only $5.

Dog Leg Preacher Bandanna's for only $7.00. There are even a few ladies tank tops available for $8.00. These are last of the tour shirts, and all sales of these items are limited to quantity on hand. There are currently only 4 ladies tank tops remaining, so if you want one, you better get it now!!  DLP needs to clear some room for the new incoming merchandise. The 2011 tour season is rapidly approaching, and DLP will begin announcing dates soon. Besides the ones already listed on Pollstar.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Dog Leg Preacher rocks ABATE's Shaking the Winter Blues party!!!

Saturday night was scorching hot inside of J.R.Phinickeys in Monroe Washington, as Dog Leg Preacher pounded out one red hot rock tune after another. This rocking party was thrown by Sky Valley ABATE, and as is usual with their events, it was an outstanding success.

The night was also a birthday for DLP supporter Annette!! She was in rare form indeed.A very happy birthday wish and a sincere thanks to Annette!!

Elvis Presley Jams with Dog Leg Preacher!!!

That is Correct even the King of Rock and Roll came out to join the revelry. He brought a slightly out of tune guitar. DLP tried several times to get some comments from the King. Due to his unintelligible responses I am unable to post his comments, but hid did show support by purchasing a Dog Leg Preacher headband! He also got one for his girlfriend!

Dog Leg Preacher tour shirts and bandannas on sale!
That is correct. DLP is putting the last of the "Feel the Thunder" shirts and Bandannas on sale to make room for this years incoming inventory. There will be a place for them on the web store soon, or you can inquire by e mail. DOGLEGPREACHER@SCREAMINGSKUNK.COM These will be the last of this vintage, so if you want one, you better get it now!!

Don Cuda looses his cigar!!!

I hope that is what he was doing??? It is always nice to see Don!!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

SWALLOW the newest video by DOG LEG PREACHER

a good look at another video from Dog Leg Preacher. The last couple seem to really be gaining some traction. Hope you enjoy!!! looking forward to some great shows coming up soon. New announcements coming soon!!!

Friday, March 04, 2011

No Body's business: New Dog Leg Preacher video!!!

Here is the brand new video from Dog Leg Preacher. All of these clips were filmed during DLP's "Feel the Thunder 2010" summer tour. Looks like this summer is beginning to take shape already!!

This video feature shots from The Legendary Buffalo Chip Campground, as well as the Red Door Lounge in Billings Montana.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Dog Leg Preacher, "Weapon with Legs" video gets 15,000 views in 30 days!!!

Dog Leg Preacher's latest video from their 2010 tour has gone viral. This video featuring a variety of still photos and video clips from the bands summer tour, as well as some footage from their performance at the Sturgis motorcycle rally has received close to 15,000 completed views in the last 30 days. DLP drummer Jon Fosdick said " I guess we will call this the second tap, after a nationally charting album, now there is a video getting some good views worldwide". Worldwide is correct with a full 63% of the total viewership coming from outside if the United States. DLP is already receiving a host of performance requests from around the U.S. for this summers schedule. This independent band is really beginning to make some noise!

Dog Leg Preacher to appear at the Redhook Brewery
Friday night February 25th will be rocking at the Red Hook Brewery in Woodinville Washington. Dog Leg Preacher will be blowing in for a special appearance here. The word is they are getting ready to unveil a big surprise at this show. The Redhook Brewery is located at 14300 NE 145th St Woodinville, WA 98072. The band is looking forward to a fantastic and fun filled night!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Thanks to the Everett Herald for the nice story, and all the people who came out to Hayley's

From Todays Evertt Herald:
A very nice little blurb in today's Everett Herald. Hope you get a chance to check it out.
Dog Leg Preacher would like to thank everyone who came out to the Hayley's show last Saturday. It was very nice to see all of you! we have some really great things to share very soon, so get ready for a interesting fall/ winter in the DLP camp.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Dog Leg Preacher:" Weapon With Legs"

Dog Leg Preacher Video

Here are some really Great Clips from Dog Leg Preacher's feel the Thunder summer tour 2010. Basically a preview for this winters upcoming movie!! Hope you enjoy it and pass it along!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Dog Leg Preacher at Hayley's bar and grill/ DLP plays Monroe as the town burns!!!

This Saturday Night only Dog Leg Preacher will be returning to Hayley's Bar and Grill in Everett Washington. This will be DLP's first hometown appearance since returning home from their successful summer tour. This will be one action packed evening of high powered original rock and roll. So get there early if you would like a seat!!! There will also be an appearance by two unnamed celebrity bands that evening! This is going to be one hell of a good time!!!

Dog Leg Preacher at Eddies trackside/ Monroe apartment fire.
DLP would like to thank everyone who came out to see them at Eddies Trackside in Monroe!! The band was smoking hot both Friday and Saturday night. After Saturday nights performance the band was loading up there gear when they were interrupted by the fire Department! A neighboring apartment complex burst into flames. A big thanks to the bands assistant Mike Perry for the quick response on taking these few photos. Several band members spent the next hour or so letting victims on the fire use their cell phones to call freinds and relatives. It really was a big mess, but the band was glad they were able to provide the little assistance that they did.

New Dog Leg Preacher songs

This Saturday Dog Leg Preacher will also be featuring a couple of new songs that they are contemplating for the upcoming new album!!! They would definitely like your feedback on these. Looking forward to seeing many local freinds and family at Hayleys.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Marcelo Portaro endorses Blackheart Amplifiers, Dog leg Preacher at Eddies trackside, The Jet Bar and Grill!

Dog Leg Preacher guitarist Marcelo Portaro has recently endorsed Blackheart Amplifiers.
Marcelo is currently using the 100w HotHead, and the 4x12 speaker cabinet. The big tone, and loud volume was exceptional on Dog Leg Preacher's summer tour, and works extremely well with Marcelo's aggressive style of lead guitar! The Blackheart held up to all of the rigors of the road, including 11 days in the heat and dust of the Sturgis Motorcycle rally. The rally puts a huge demand on the equipment. Dog Leg Preacher had several amp fail in the 105+ degree heat, but the Blackheart proved to be a incredible workhorse throughout the weeks events.

Dog Leg Preacher rocks the Jet!

Dog Leg Preacher's show at the Jet in Mill Creek was an incredible performance. A huge thanks to all of the great friends and fans who came out to see DLP. The place was packed, the club was hot, the drinks were cold, the band was on fire, what else could you ask for. It was fantastic to see such an incredible turnout. DLP was even blessed by a rare appearance of Seattle music icon Stevie Adamek. There are a lot of great pictures from the show on DLP's facebook page so please go tag yourself if you were there!

This Weekend at Eddies Trackside.

This weekend October 1st and 2nd Dog Leg Preacher will be making a very rare two night appearance at Eddie's Trackside in Monroe Wa. Eddies is located at 214 North Lewis Street Monroe, Wa 98272. This is a small venue, so you better get there early if you would like a seat. Dog Leg Preacher will be trying to not scorch the paint off the walls at Eddie's! See you there!!!

Dog Leg Preacher provides sound for Duffy Bishop!

Once again Dog Leg Preacher teamed up with sound man extraordinaire Don "Dodger" Dodge, and his partner Neal Storme. This time they were providing the DLP sound system for Duffy Bishop's reunion show, and movie screening at Ballard High School. As always Duffy put on an incredible show, if you have not seen her perform then you really need to go get it done! It was an honor to help out with this event. Sandi Cook posted some really great photos on facebook.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Dog Leg Preacher at The Jet!!!!

This Friday Night Dog Leg Preacher will be hosting a no holds barred rock and roll show at the Jet Bar and Grill in Mill Creek!!!
Friday September 17th Dog Leg Preacher will be returning to the Jet Bar. This is one incredibly rocking place, with live rock and roll on one side, and a ripping DJ on the other. A great chance to catch up with everyone in the NW music scene, this will be DLP's first night time club show since their return from the road. DLP will be performing a couple of brand new songs at this show, so you get a shot at hearing them before they head of to the recording studio to work on a new album this fall. The Jet is located at 800 164th street, Mill Creek Wa. see you there!!!

A huge thanks to Don"Dodger"Dodge and Neal Storme for the incredible sound!

Soundman extraordinaire Don Dodge, and Neal Storme, helped out Dog Leg Preacher last Saturday. DLP's usual sound engineer Cortley Everett was on vacation. Don and Neal came out and filled the spot, with an excellent performance. These guys are first rate pros, and it was an honor to have them at the helm. This show was for Sky Valley ABATE's biker appreciation night. What an old school knockout party! complete with bonfires, bike games, and drunken revelry. If you missed it you missed out!

The Nine fingered Drummer!
Saturday nights festivities were a real challenge for Dog Leg Preacher drummer Jon Fosdick. Jon had only two days to recover from surgery on his right hand before he had to perform a full 4 hour night for this show. Jon's right little finger was amputated due to an accident earlier this month, and they needed to remove several bone fragments, shorten some tendons, and re-stretch some skin. Despite the pain, swelling, and bleeding, Jon made it through the entire set. That will be a night to remember!

See Everyone at the Jet this Friday!!!

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Dog Leg Preacher to perform for Sky Valley abate/ Tour Photos up!

This coming Saturday night Dog Leg Preacher will be performing at the Sultan Eagles, from 6 to 10 p.m. This is the blow out thank you party for everyone who participated in Sky Valley ABATES annual bike show! This is a biker appreciation party so put on you leather and lets get it on. The Sultan Eagles is located at 1112 E Main Street Sultan Wa. camping is available so please check the ABATE website for more information.

Photos from the road!

Here is a great series of photos from Dog Leg Preacher's "Feel the Thunder summer tour 2010" Hope you enjoy them. DLP made many great new freinds on this road trip. The Movie is currently in production, so stay tuned for a release date.

Lots of great new things coming up soon! Some really nice surprises!!!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sturgis: The trip home, the breakdowns, Dog Leg Preacher's drummer gets finger amputated!

The Legendary Buffalo Chip, what else can be said? The Chip is the host to the largest and wildest outdoor party in the world. They run a first class establishment and a full week of performing there is an incredible experience. The look on Ozzy's face when the audience responded with not only cheers and applause, but the roaring of thousands of V twin engines was incredible, for only a moment he looked confused, like perhaps something was wrong with the PA system, or the monitors, and then as soon as he realized where the sound was coming from, to see the huge smile cover his face was absolutely priceless. This is only one example of the wonderful experiences that happen at this great venue every year. IF you have not been to the Legendary Buffalo Chip during rally week, it is something that needs to be on your list!!
Dog Leg Preacher rocked the house at the Chip this year!! All that needs to be said is that DLP delivered a world class performance worth remembering. DLP also made many great new freinds from around the world. Places like Holland, New Zealand, France and Australia, as well as many new freinds and fans from all over the U.S. and Canada! The Dog Leg crew actually lost count of how many radio and TV interviews that they did that week, but they are certain that they were picked up by at least 5 new radio stations an this tour!
The Mechanical breakdowns. Not sure what to think of the town of Superior Montana, but Dog Leg Preacher is beginning the get quite familiar with this town. The first Sturgis trip the band broke down on the way to Sturgis in Superior, then this year they broke down on the way home, again in Superior Montana! This time it Started out with a tremendous shaking in the motorhome, it really felt peculiar, more like a vibration than a misfire, after a couple of stops to check it out the group decided to chance limping it in to town, well that only lasted a few miles up the road. Drummer Jon Fosdick who was riding behind the motor home suddenly got an unexpected shower of hot antifreeze! That was it, the water pump had actually sheared off of the front of the motor homes engine. So the band waited for several hours for a Tow truck, while Sound Engineer Cortley Everett, and Stage Manager Jeff Fosdick switched around trailers and made arrangements for the band to camp in the town of Superior. The following morning the band began the task of repairing the motorhome, and after 6 or so hours of work it was back together, and running, but not really well. So they set out that evening to limp it home. The were numerous other adventures between superior and home, but that is DLP filmed the entire tour, and all of these adventures plus many more will be available on their upcoming "Feel The Thunder Tour" documentary movie.
Dog Leg Preacher drummer Jon Fosdick looses a loved one and a finger! Well is would be nice if after returning from tour everything dropped right back into place, and things went as expected, however this is real life and that is not always the case. So we are sad to report that after returning home, Jon learned that his sister Cathy was just hospitalized with complications arising from her pulmonary hypertension. The situation was very grimm, as her kidneys were shutting down, and she was only expected to live for a matter of days. He was at least lucky enough to tell her goodbye while she was still coherent and could talk clearly. Jons sister Cathy passed on Saturday August 21st. To add to an already distressing situation Jon was unhooking and equipment trailer on the evening of Sunday August 22nd, when the trailer slipped loose from its jack and landed on his hand, crushing the pinkie finger on his right hand. After a quick trip to the emergency room, it was decided that the finger was not savable,and thus removed. It is unclear at this point what the missing finger will do to his drumming ability, but we will post is here when it becomes more clear.
Whats next? There seem to be lots of great new things right around the corner for Dog Leg Preacher, they have a full length movie to produce by the end of this year, and are planning to record another full length disc this fall. There is already a Grammy nominated producer looking to help out with this new disc, as well as hosts of radio stations waiting to play it. Despite all of the recent setbacks keep on checking in as many stories, photos and other great things from the tour will begin getting posted over the next several weeks!!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Live from The Sturgis Rally 2010

Dog Leg Preacher has been tearing it up at the Black Hills Motorcycle rally in Sturigis South Dakota! Definitely the largest and wildest outdoor party in the World. DLP is performing 11 shows this week at the Legendary Buffalo Chip Campground. DLP will take to the stage tonight immediately after Kid Rock! DLP is honored to be part of such a fantastic event. As everyone expects, Sturgis is full of first rate Motorcycles, less than half dressed women, excellent music, and much much more. For a really good look at many of the still photos from Sturgis check out the photo albums on Dog Leg Preacher's face book page. It is really hard to find time to do any posting with so much going on here, but the movie filming is going very well, in fact Dog Leg Preacher may have to make the very own private reserve version of some of this footage, considering that it is definitely for a mature audience!
Also DLP would like to shout out a huge thank you to Uncle Sams's in Spanaway Washington, and the Red Door Lounge in Billings Montana. These are two fantastic places, and come highly recommended as first rate performance venues!!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Dog Leg Preacher summer tour and movie shoot to begin in Spanaway Washington.

This Saturday night Dog Leg Preacher will be kicking off their "Feel the Thunder" summer tour and Movie shoot with a performance at Uncle Sam's American bar and Grill in Spanaway Washington. This is going to be a barn burner of a show with Dog Leg Preacher performing from 7:30 to 10:30 P.M. The entire evenings events will be filmed for inclusion in the movie so put on your best outfit, polish up your bike and get on down to Uncle Sams this Saturday night. DLP will be looking for plenty of crowd shots, as well as bike shots, so lets get it done!!!
DLP will also be filming on location at the Red Door Lounge in Billings Montana, as well as 9 dates at The Legendary Buffalo Chip Campground in Sturgis South Dakota. This is going to be one hell of a Movie!!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Dog Leg Preacher to perform at Destination Harley Davidson's Taco Thursday

Thursday July 22nd you can get some Leg in Tacoma Washington. Dog Leg Preacher will be performing at Destination Harley Davidson's Taco Thursday. This will be the last chance to catch Dog Leg Preacher prior to them beginning their "Feel the Thunder" road to Sturgis tour and movie shoot, which kicks off July 31st at Uncle Sam's in Spanaway Wa. This is going to be a great show, and Dog Leg Preacher will have all of their Sturgis 2010 merchandise on display and available for purchase. DLP performs from 5:00 until 7:00 P.M. They are expecting a very large crowd. Destination Harley is locataed at 2302 Pacific Highway East Tacoma, WA 98424.
The Mill Creek festival and the Redhook Brewery.
DLP would like to thank Kevin Giboney and the Mill Creek festival and the Mill Creek Business association as well as the Redhook Brewery for hosting Dog Leg Preacher last weekend. The band, their freinds and fans all had a stellar time! what a great weekend! You can see some photo's from these events as well as many others on Dog Leg Preacher's facebook page.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Dog Leg Preacher at the Red Hook Brewery and The MIll Creek Fest.

Red Hook Brewery
This coming Friday Night Dog Leg Preacher will be performing at The Red Hook Brewery in Woodinville Washington. This is going to be a great time, as well as one of those rare nights when you can actually see DLP without paying a cover charge. There is already a large crowd expected, so get there early if you want a seat. The Brewery is located at 14300 NE 145th Street Woodinville, WA 98072. The show starts at 9 and ends at 11:30.

The Mill Creek Festival

Sunday July 18th Dog Leg Preacher will be performing an outdoor all ages show at the Mill Creek Festival. Showtime is from 3 to 4:30. This is a great family friendly show. Dog Leg Preacher will be joined on the Mill Creek Main-stage with other great performers such as
11:00-12:00 - British Export (Breakfast with the Beatles)
12:30-1:30 - Red Hot Blues Sisters(Award winning Blues Band)
2:00-3:00 - Tracy Alan Moore(Tribute to Elvis)
3:30-4:30 - Dog Leg Preacher,
5:00-6:00 - The New Blues Brothers(Blues)
6:30-7:30 - The Machine(Hits of the 70s, 80s, 90s, NOW) So come on out in the afternoon and get some Leg!

Feel The Thunder summer tour 2010 Sturgis T shirts

The Dog Leg Preacher summer tour 2010 T shirts are now available. So far however you have to come to a show to get one. That might remain the only way to get an official Feel the Thunder shirt. If you really must have one, and cannot make one of the tour stops you could always send an e mail request to doglegpreacher@screamingskunk.com perhaps some special arrangements could be made.

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Going to Sturgis! and DLP at Club Hollywood Casino

Oh yeah, everything is going full tilt making preparations for this years tour to Sturgis. Dog Leg Preacher will be performing there at The Legendary Buffalo Chip Campground, along with a very prestigious list of other performers! We have a brand new promo video produced by 8th day of the week. Hope you can check it out. DLP's is already expecting standing room only crowds at almost every tour stop. A huge shout out to The Red Door Lounge in Billings Montana, they are really helping us promote this event!
A very big thanks to all of the friends and fans who came out to see Dog Leg Preacher last weekend, either at The Jet Bar in Mill Creek, or at the private party on the 4th. Also a really big thanks to Kurt and Sandi who hosted the party, you guys rock, and you are wonderful hosts. There should be numerous photos from the weekend up on the Dog Leg Preacher face-book page, so if you were in attendance stop by and tag your photo!
This Saturday Night July 10th Dog Leg Preacher will be back by popular demand at the Club Hollywood Casino in Shoreline, Wa. DLP's is really looking forward to playing this show, as the staff and the room there really rock! See everyone Saturday night. COME OUT AND GET SOME LEG!!!!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Dog Leg Preacher at the Jet in Mill Creek

Oh yeah, this Saturday July 3rd catch Dog Leg Preacher at the Jet bar and grill in Mill Creek Wa. They will be joined there by special guests "Witness X" and "The Flanagan Precept". It will be one hell of a show. Rumor has it that DLP will be performing one of there high energy tour shows, a great chance for the local fans to check it out before the act goes on the road in late July. Things have been really cooking in the Dog Leg Camp, as the band prepares for their tour to Sturgis, and the filming of a brand new Rockumentary movie. The very first tour shirts should be in stock by this coming weekend! Dog Leg is eager to get out on the road, and spread some leg around the country!

The Gorge show with Tom Petty and Joe Cocker! Dog Leg Preacher had an absolute blast playing on the Plaza stage for the Tom Petty/ Joe Cocker Concert. It was great to see all of the thriving DLP fans that actually made the trip to see the band. Joe Cocker, wow that man wails, and quite literally, what a singer. For Tom Petty what can you say about someone who can perform for several hours, and everything that he played was a hit recording. It was a great show.

Hayleys bar and Gill The show at Hayleys was fantastic, man Cortley had the sound going on right for that one. A huge thanks to special guests Gumshen for Opening up that show, it was a lot of fun.

Club Hollywood Casino
A big thank you to Club Hollywood casino for hosting a Dog Leg Preacher show. What a cool venue, and great personnel there as well. It is always great to be at a place were the staff is respectful, courteous, and helpful. Dog Leg Preacher will be looking forward to their return date there on July 10th. Hoping to see many smiling faces there again.

The Road to Sturgis
Tons of preparations are still going on for Dog Leg Preachers road to Sturgis tour. DLP is overjoyed to be performing at the Legendary Buffalo Chip this year. The band is eager to see many good freinds there in South Dakota. As well as meeting many new ones on the way. DLP would like to give a big shout out to ABATE of Montana for their help in promoting the tour stop at the Red Door Lounge in Billings, this is going to be a huge show.

New CD Sales
DLP is currently experiencing a large increase in CD sales nationwide. Just a reminder, The Abscess album is available through most major record stores across the United States,you just have to ask them for it. The summer tour is right around the corner, DLP wishes everyone a safe and fantastic summer. They will see you when they get to your town!

Dog Leg Preacher's new album Abscess

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